joi, 28 ianuarie 2016

Winter time figures

At the end of each year, a friend of mine is making a trip home and he is always using this opportunity to collect his finished figures and bring me a pile of others.
This year I finished the following:
Soviet WWII Staff officers with courier and driver. They are produced by ICM Holding and where a pleasure to assemble.
Thus gave me enough time and nerves to paint them.

SS Italian youth
A white metal figure from Hornet.
Although details and pose are ok I didn' like it's proportions. It can be explainable due to the jumpsuit, but I'll prefer it with a more slender silhouette.

PMC fighter.
First I was puzzled by this acronym. In my country PMC means Civil Working Personnel. Then I find out on the internet that is about private armies and it means Private Military Corps.
The owner wanted it with a Hashemit scarf around his head. So be it !
It's a 1/35 resin figure. I don't remember the producer's name.

Soviet desant team in Afganistan.
Well this was a treat. Apart from the good sculpture and careful injection, there was a great amount of useful options such as weapons in hands, weapons free, different models of weapons. It reminded me about the set of german mountain troops used in the diorama two years ago (you can see it here too).
I hope they will end in an inspired diorama.

French Cuirasier in Alger.
Another resin figure. Not so impressing. I guess it's a gift from an armor modeling related magazine. The sculpture resembles to other that I worked in the past. As a general characteristic they are very thin. As if they was caught between two lorries.

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