luni, 25 ianuarie 2016

Soviet radiation detection operator

This is a Studio 51 120 mm scale figure made from resin.
It was inspired by this image, I guess

It was a pleasure to build and paint. Detail is well rendered and the separation on parts was well thought to ease the painting work.
I remember the days in the army of the Romanian Socialist Republic when to wear one of this outfits during drill was the utmost punishment. After a few years at the shopping channel (same republic - another regime) they try to sell a wonder suit said to help you lose weight thru prespiration. The same Mary but this time in an alien chrome finish.
Well from what I remeber that the initial slate green was yellowed because of long time storage. The smell inside was beyond description.
I tried to render the yellow weathewring, and keep it discrete in the same time.
For the goggles I prepared some transparent disks but due to the fact that I punched them out with an eyelet, they became convex. Cristal Kleer was unusable in this case because the superficial tension would drag it to the eyes (inside the mask). So I chose to let him without glasses to allow view access to his blue eyes.
The bag on his hip would be for the big filter of the older type of mask, that with the corrugated hose. But it's OK like this too.
I painted it just with acrylics, altering the color on the spot where I need it.

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