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Mosonmagyarowar Scale Model Contest 2013

In 20-21 april 2013 a few friends and myself have attended the Moson 2013 contest. Hungary is a beautiful country with welcoming and friendly people. Many bicicles everywhere, very clean towns and the small river crossing Moson made me feel the regret I didn't have my fishing gear with me.
The models in contest was all of a very high standard, regarding the scale, domain or presentation.
The Romanian delegation was awarded at almost all the classes.
Dan Gârleanu - Gold at Sailing Ships;
Eduard Bădescu - Gold at prop. Aircraft 1/72;
Tudor Nicorici - Silver at 1/48 aviation dioramas;
Tibi Keresztely - bronze at Aviation 1/48;
Tibi Keresztely - bronze at Moto;
Alexandru Dumitrescu - Mention at 1/72 dioramas;
Călin Ungureanu - Mention at special cat. Vikings;
Călin Ungureanu - Gold at Painted Figures 75mm.
Here are a few pictures from the event:

More pictures here: http://s976.photobucket.com/user/CalinUngureanu/library/Expozitii?sort=6&page=1
Some of my preferates:

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