marți, 5 februarie 2013

Viking raider

This is the norseman that represents in my imagination Orm Tostesson the main character from Olaf Bergstrom novel "The Vikings".
The figure is from Pegaso range and is in 90 mm. Like the hero in the book, his main weapon is not an axe, but a sword. In the second part of the novel Orm receives a toledo sword from a high-ranking muslim in Cordoba. The sword of this figure is in no way that kind of fine weapon, but I like to remeber it because of the name Orm baptised the blade - Blatunga, which means "blue tongue".
I thought a lot if it will be ok to enhance the figure with a battle axe with a long handle, but in the end I opted for a piece of leather on which the result of the raid was deposed.
The "Hershir" is standing at the forest edge near the seaside, maybe the Baltic sea, looking at the horizon and thinking if those "harvest incursions" are worthed anymore.
The figure was asembled with cyano gel glue mostly. The few seams were polished and then sprayed with a light grey primmer. The helmet and mail shirt was protected with liquid masking fluid after being polished to a shine.
I used acrillics as base colors and oil colors to modulate shadows and light.
On the arms I tried to simulate hair and dirt and also some scratches.
As Orm means snake, I decorated the shield with a black snake that completes well the white and rusty red decoration.
The artefacts on the leather was made from parts of cheap jewelry from the fleamarket.
The vegetation are composed from different kind of moss, conserved with glicerine mixed with green ink.
The grass is made from deer bristles painted accordingly. The red fruits from the bush are made from polystiren unexpanded balls, painted red to sugest cranberies.

You can see more images of this figure here:

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  1. Nu exista milimetru care sa nu-mi placa. Cu mana pe sinceritate as putea ajunge la o asemenea performanta daca as incerca sa ma apuc de pictat. Un mare Bravo!