luni, 19 septembrie 2016

Faces I'd love to be used as busts subjects

The bust mania is in full ascension. All scales and all kind of subjects, from usual husars and romans till science fiction and fantasy.
Every company and every self employed sculptor is trying to satisfy the request on the market with interesting and expressive physiognomy. Some can do that, others in their hurry to fit in a still free niche are putting on the market some forced subjects. Some of them are at least abbreviated but others are completely depraved of any talented touch.
I must say that I know what working art on command is. You did it but your mind is on an entirely different subject, The result is then at least, modest.
So here are some faces that should inspire figurine creators.
At least I would love to work some of these as busts.

Hey, people from China that are copying renown brand models ! I think you are perfectly able to find artists in your country to produce some pieces on those subjects.

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