marți, 24 mai 2016

Spring changes

An old friend of mine..... Well he is not older than me. What I meant is that I guess he's knowing me much than anyone else. Well, Andrei has listen to me how I was complaining about not being able to manage all my different works and parts of my life and personality and in the end he told me: Why not putting all together in a single place. In fact all those things are describing you as you are.
This might be a relief. Maybe I will disappoint some of those who are visiting this site, but on the other hand I guess you will pick out just what you are interested in.
Anyway, I hope that this will at least ensure a better pace of posting.
So, hold on ! You will see here all kinds of models, figurines as usual, dioramas, paintings, fishing and thoughts. Hope I will like it. Because if I will like it, there is a good chance that you will like it too.

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