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The 35ers bunch

After a few months of hard working I get to finish a few more 1/35 figures.
I will try to describe them in the following rows. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask.
I tried to keep shadows and especially lights to a minimum, to keep the colors of the equipment as true as possible and to avoid round soft demarcations between light and shadow. It's my choice.

I will start with the Italian mountain trooper from Hornet.
It's a metalic (white metal) fugurine very well rendered, in an appealing posture.
When I open the package I found out there was missing the shotgun barrel. It was quite a challenge to replace it from very fine hypodermic needle and an adjacent rod segment for the cleaning rod. I couldn't find the feather from the cap either. This one was made from plastic bits.
I painted it with acrylics as a base color and modulate the shadows and lights with oil colors.

Also from Hornet, but this time from resin, the war time carabinieri, sports a cloth cover for it's particular headgear. The wellknown emblem was black in wartime as a measure of low visibility.
One can notice that he has under the back pack a camouflaged cover in the characteristic Italian pattern and colors.
The sculpture was very good and it was a pleasure to work at it. Too bad that the time had to be divided to cover the whole amount of figures.
It was also paint in the old technique of acrylics and oils.

The Italian SS trooper was from Jaguar I belive. It didn't impressed me so much. The face has a funny look. But not all the people are the same.
The producer gives 2 head options, one with helmet and the other one with a cap which look german. As you can see I chose the helmet. So I get to paint the flag on one side and this is cool.
The sculpture is good but a bit crude, with rather big details.
I liked the posture which is not too beligerant.
It took me quite a wile to cope with the cammo and also to gibe some shadow and light on this stuffed design.

The set made by Miniart - Stalin and his staff was a pleasure to work with. I don't know how they do it but the sculpture is as good as for the resin figures. And belive me that is not easy or cheap. I had it with plastic figure sets from great companies that are a pain to paint.

Stalin is portrayed quite well. The sculptor has been able to render the expression of his face. That mysterious smile that can meant that you will be dead in the next hour or that he likes you.
The artist even made him the shorter left arm. That was a well kept secret.
I choose a modest appearance for him letting the effect to be attained by it's name and reputation. I represented him in the final stages of the war when he started to have white hairs.

Well Stalin was guarded by a whole apparatus of protection which members was themselves controlled and monitorised.
The head of the guard corp was general Nikolai Vlasik, from the same village as Stalin said to be somehow related with the dictator.

Viaceslav Molotov it's known to my country as the one that was the hand that took us the territories of Basarabia and Bucovina from the north-east of Romania.
In fact Stalin was prepared to go at the meeting himself but finding out that the fuerer (Hitler) will send von Ribbentrop at the ceremony, send instead Molotov.
To this figure I made a small conversion, puting the hat in his hand. By this I wanted to show his allegiance to the dictator and make a use for this nice hat.

Lavrenti Beria - Head of the secret services and known to be a human beast.
Too bad I didn't had the time to make him round glasses as he wear.

And finally, Nikita Hruschev, then a political and propaganda responsible, later to become president of CCCP.
For this one I used a much lighter tone of skin that was very hard to cope with because it was glossy. But the final effect was worth it, the blonde almost white short hair being suite on that light tone skin.

I will end here my presentation and continue with the rest of the figures in a second article.

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