miercuri, 9 aprilie 2014

Napoleon's Sapeur

After a long break with figures, I restarted this Napoleonian Sapeur.
The need of such an unit was apparent after several battles. In fact Sapeurs was a kind of engeniers on the battle field.
They had to unblock routes, to dig trenches and most often to deal with fire. That's why they are considered as precursors of firefighters.
Nontheless this units fought the battle as every other unit and above that they gained a reputation of fierce strong soldiersDue to that commanding officers started to use them as shock troops.
The figure is in the 90mm class.
After a gray primer I used acrilics as base colors. The modulation was made with oil colors.
For the metalic parts I used Agama metal paste, which is buffable, and with some practice realistic effects can be achieved.

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