marți, 29 octombrie 2013

Reproduction of 4 naval swivel cannons

Those cannons were used mostly on pirate ships because of they could be aimed where needed, to clear the decks of a prey ship, to make them easyer for boarding.
Initialy I thought to replicate them with silicone rubber moulding and bicomponent polyurethane resin, but the short time made me choose the old aproach.
I replicated them with plastic sprue (for the barrels), some thick plastic sheet for the swivels, lead foil for barell strenghtening braces and some epoxy putty for the ball handels.

First I measured and cut equal portions from a plastic sprue, the same diameter like the model. The middle part was protected with tamiya tape.

Extremities were sanded according to the model.

Every barell was then drilled to receive the ax of the swivel.

The forks were then cut from the material. It was a tedious job because the plastic was a bit brittle. Especialy when drilled.

After looking for the right kind of balls ;P for a few hours, I opted for Tamiya epoxy putty ones.

The clones were then painted with a mix of copper and brass from the Agama range of metalic paste.
After drying and buffing, a layer of dark wash was applied.

Compared with the orriginal, the clones have also a perforated muzzle.
Succes in less than 4 hours !

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